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Onderzoekers in het project


Dr. David Fontijn

Prof. dr. Annelou van Gijn

Prof. (em.) dr. Corrie Bakels


Drs. Quentin Bourgeois

Karsten Wentink Mphil

Drs. Marieke Doorenbosch

Overige onderzoekers

Arjan Louwen MA

Drs. Cristian van der Linde

Drs. Masja Parlevliet

Prof. dr Harry Fokkens

Drs. Luc Amkreutz

Drs. Richard Jansen

Drs. Maarten Wispelwey

Quentin Bourgeois

Quentin Bourgeois

Quentin is specialized in North-West European prehistory. He finished his doctoral in 2004 with his thesis on the long term history of prehistoric landscapes.

Currently Quentin is a PhD student within the research project “Ancestral Mounds.” In his research he will deal with groups of barrows and their position within the landscape. Through extensive GIS-analyses it will be attempted to shed some light on the choice of location for the placement of the burial monument. Why were they placed there, what could be seen from that location, and how did this develop through time? These findings will be compared to data on the vegetation surrounding these barrows and the practices surrounding the burial itself. Hopefully this research will shed more light on the choices behind the positioning of these burial monuments.


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